Wifi UPS


The Volkano Constant Series is a Multi-Output Mini UPS for WiFi or CCTV; you can conveniently and easily run your Fibre Box AND your WiFi Router together with this single UPS.

The Constant Series is suitable for both wired and wireless networks as well as CCTV and features a 1.8m DC Power Cable to eliminate any strain of reach. The Dual DC Output for 2 devices, as well as a USB Port for a 3rd device, make this incredible Mini-UPS an investment that is sure to simplify and streamline your life.

Also includes an LED Power Indicator and Power Over Ethernet which really makes it one of those devices that continuously supports your various tech connection needs.

Special Features:
– Suitable for wired and wireless networks
– Suitable for CCTV
– Dual DC Output for 2 devices
– USB Port for Third Device
– LED Power Indicator and Power Over Ethernet

– Battery Power: 8800 mAh Li-Ion
– Input Power: 220 ~ 240 V AC
– Outputs: 9 V / 12 V Switchable DC
15 V / 24 V Switchable DC; USB 5 V DC
– Total Power: 17 Watts – P.O.E.
– Multi-voltage up to 24 V


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